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CD Baby

All 3 albums: Telling Tales / Crossing The River and Pianoscapes can be bought at CD Baby. They're fast, efficient, and one of the biggest suppliers of 'independent music' on the net.

The Tipperary Peace Convention
The Peace Convention's website
The Excel Theatre - Tipperary, Ireland

Tipperary Town's Excel Theatre in Ireland where the Song Of Peace competition is held every year.

Tony Frost /Charlie Horse Publishers
Tony was the 2005 Tipperary Song of Peace winner. He's now helping write and produce music for Charlie Horse Publishing who amongst other things make Children's audio books.
The winners of the 2007 Tipperary Song of Peace
Jumpin Jaks
          The Jumpin Jaks Website
International Songwriters Association
I'm a member of the I.S.A. Based in Ireland and with members from all over the world.
UK Musicians Union
I'm a member of the UK Musicians Union is an online database containing contact details for all types of musicians across the UK. It was set up by a musician with the aim of making it easier for musos to be found by potential employers.
Leeds Music Promotions

Run by good friend Paul Abraham, who's totally commited to supporting local talent. A great blog for finding out about our music scene... and it's getting lots of hits

Funhouse Productions
Garth and Stuart - Entertainment agency based in Blackpool
Georg Voros
Old workmate and one of South Africa's best drummers - now the editor of SA Drums and Percussion magazine.
Gail Davies
One of the most talented songwriters / producers in the states. Now married to Rob Price who was our Bass Player in Wozani.
The Wharfedale Music Festival Website
Naomi Murray (see singers page) has won the Wharfedale Music Competition twice and the organisers have alway given us great support.
One of the best country duos in the UK. Good friends!
Aiden J. Daniels
'Give It A Minute' singer Aiden's website.
The Candlelighters charity.
The children's ward at St. James Hospital / Leeds dedicated to combatting childhood cancer, leukaemia and serious blood disorders and to making the lives of the children and their families more bearable.
Rhodesian Music Website
A great website about music and musicians in Rhodesia from the 50s through to the 80s