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A few years ago I decided to attempt something I’ve had on the ‘bucket list’ for a while: write a novel. I suppose it’s just another way of dealing with that story-telling vein that seems to run through my blood. But hey, “I hear voices in my head,” and if I don’t write ‘em down in one way or another them I’m going to end up sharing them with my psychiatrist. Anyway, book #1 proved just as hard as I thought it would, taking much longer than anticipated to complete.  But complete it I eventually did, and here it is…

A Little Town in Africa by Rob Russell Davies Cover

Click to take you to the bookbaby website. All online stores selling it are listed there.

What’s it about I hear you ask. Well here’s the back cover description:

 South Africa may now be a rainbow nation, but try telling that to the mainly white and wacky inhabitants of Stillwater. When a black minister is appointed to the local Methodist Church, the congregation are up in arms and the much feared Women’s Auxiliary is on the warpath. And when the new minister’s son gets caught up in a nasty assault, the locals certainly have reason to protest as well as a crime to solve. Can pensioner Teresa Thomas and her sidekick Digby save the reverend from his own doubts, his son’s reckless behaviour and the crazy residents of Stillwater itself?

So please give it a read. I've kept the download price as cheap as possible – less than the price of a pint, lasts longer and more guaranteed sunshine.