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I love showcasing my songwriting and playing in videos. Here's a few of my favourites:

 The Tipperary Song

A new and original song remembering the outbreak of WW1 featuring BGT semi-finalist, Rob Russell and the amazing voice of John Mycroft.This is a song about a song: that anthem of WW1, 'It's a Long Way to Tipperary'. 

The song is also the story of a man blinded in battle on the fields of Flanders, who is nursed from the edge of death by an Irish nurse. To help ease his pain and suffering she always sings the famous 'Tipperary' song to him as he slowly recovers from his injuries. One day, she is called away to the front and the soldier loses all contact with her. Believing that she sings the 'Tipperary' song not only to sooth and heal but also because she has ties with the little Irish town, the soldier makes his way to Tipperary at the end of the war in search of his sweetheart.

Written, arranged and produced by Rob Russell Davies and featuring the voice of John Mycroft. The first in a series of videos/songs that feature the duo: Rob n John's Day Job.

 Gumboots (The Miner's Song)

 Another song from the duo 'Rob n John's Day Job' featuring #BGT semi finalist keyboard player Rob Russell and the fantastic voice of John Mycroft.

A South African gold miner is trapped in one of the deepest mines in the world. He hopes and prays to hear the sound of his comrades 'gumboots' (Wellington boots) which means that his rescuers have arrived.

The Duelling Pianos: For Queen and Country

The video that got us invited onto Britain's Got Talent. 

Let Me Find Peace (The Tipperary International Song of Peace winner, 2006)

My Song of Peace winner in 2006. A hymn about the Aids epidemic in Africa and the difficulty, slowness and expense of getting the much need Antiretroviral drugs (ARV's) to HIV/AIDS sufferers on the continent - drugs which can greatly reduce suffering and extend life. Featuring the voices of Naomi Murray and Beth Wheatley. 

It's a No From Me: Rob's Duelling Pianos

The judges had a bit of fun with me on Britain's Got Talent, so here I have a bit of fun back. 

Please check out my page on YouTube where you'll find all my videos:

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